40 Weeks to Forever

Pushing, Poop, & Your Postpartum Body

Episode Summary

Is it normal to pee a bit during my workouts? Can you actually have sex after just six weeks? How do I know if my Caesarean scar is healing properly? In this episode we chat with Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Aliya Dhalla, to answer these questions [and more] including why so many women afraid that they might just poop on the table during delivery. You'll learn about ways to prepare your body for labour, what happens “down there” during the pushing process, and how to regain your quality of life post-baby. We also talk a lot about poop.

Episode Notes

0:42 - Mom montage | real moms discuss their postpartum bodies. 
2:25 – How your pelvic floor supports you in everyday life.
4:13 – What happens “down there” during the pushing process.
6:28 – Ways to prepare your mind and body for labour and delivery.
9:00 – How to tap into your mind and body by exploring what we feel and fear.
10:19 – Judith and Aliya discuss a very common silly pre-birth fear.
10:42 – Why pooping on the table during delivery is normal.
13:25- How to take an effective first postpartum poop.
-pack a stool softener 
-drink a lot of water 
-get your knees higher than your hips 
-use your breath 
16:48 – additional tips that are applicable for those recovering from a caesarean.
18:50 – Judith and Aliya discuss the need for additional postpartum care beyond the 6-week check-up.
20:50 - How to know if your cesarian scar is healing properly.
21:57 - Why some dissociate themselves from their caesarean scar.
23:20 – How to desensitize your caesarean scar.
25:28 – Why you should unpack emotions related to your birth 
25:56 – Ways to help you heal and recover from a tear in the perineum or episiotomy
28:42 – 5 pieces of advice for having sex after having a baby. 
32:08 – Why breastfeeding and hormones can sometimes decrease lubrication
32:52 – Why postpartum incontinence does NOT need to be your new normal 
36:00 – How pelvic floor therapy can help you regain quality of life. 
37: 58 – Why having grace and patience with ourselves as we heal, and recover is so important. 
39:41 - Confidence Corner