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When It Doesn't Go As Planned

Episode Summary

Twenty-eight percent of births in Canada are cesarean sections — a 50% increase over the last 20 years. Labour is an unpredictable process, and patients must keep the prospect of a c-section in the back of their minds. In this episode of 40 Weeks to Forever, local OBGYN Dr. Kelly Strode joins us to answer our questions on cesarean birth. Listen as she walks us through every step of the cesarean birth procedure, from preparation to recovery. Building on her years of expertise, Dr. Kelly discusses the difference between planned and emergency cesareans, the healing process, and the qualities of a good VBAC candidate. If you are considering a cesarean section or want to be ready for the possibility, this episode is for you! Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode: 1) Find out if cesarean delivery or VBAC is an option for you. 2) Learn OBGYN-proven ways to deal with cesarean incisions. 3) Discover helpful advice as you prepare for motherhood after a cesarean section.

Episode Notes

Episode Highlights

[01:30] Defining a Cesarean Section

[07:37] Birthing Support for Cesarean Patients 

[09:37] Emergency Vs. Planned Cesarean Sections

[11:52] Advice for Mothers Planning to VBAC

Dr. Kelly: "Everyone is willing to tolerate different risks and make informed decisions, and then we make an informed decision and we sort of have some backup plans… It's just an informed discussion to the whole pregnancy about what they feel is best for them and what are the possible outcomes depending on if things change in labour."

[14:43] Dealing with Cesarean Section Scars 

Judith: “Women are very sensitive when it comes to the scar and I think everyone needs to remember: it’s just so important that your baby made it here earthside regardless of how that happened.”

[18:59] Recovery for Succeeding Cesarean Sections

[22:14] A Mother’s Journey into Parenthood

Judith: "Birth can be a very empowering process, so it's important to work through any fears or disappointments you may have surrounding the process. For some even if things did go smoothly, it's still important just to chat things through."

About Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Katherine Strode, MD, is an OB-GYN specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. She is currently in Guelph Obstetrics and Gynecology, a clinic in Ontario that offers preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care. She also has privileges at Guelph General Hospital, where she attends deliveries, admits patients, and performs surgeries.

Learn more about Dr. Kelly’s work at Guelph Obstetrics and Gynecology or reach her at (519) 265-7477.


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